Immigration & Naturalization

immigration & naturalization

The way I see it, your coming in by either having a family member petition for you, a business, or yourself. Some of you have various options and need to thoroughly examine each one. Others may only have one path to a Green Card. One of the most common paths is to marry a US citizen.

I am experienced with all forms of Immigration and would love to discuss your case and options with you. Additionally, I want point out why you should decide to work with us as opposed to the various other attorneys:

Surf Side Law is dedicated to providing quality Immigration services at affordable prices, with minimal non-attorney costs to our clients. The lawyers save you money by not outsourcing work, or charging you for simple in-house tasks. For example:

  • We have rock bottom Immigration prices from the get go
  • I translate Spanish documents in house to save you money
  • I use USPS as opposed to Fed-Ex and UPS, unless absolutely necessary
  • When possible, I write my own country condition reports as opposed to paying an expert;
  • I minimize copy costs by reproducing work in house, rather than pay a print shop to reproduce my work at an extra cost to you

Some of the many services we handle:

  • Family based petitions
  • Green Cards
  • Work/ non-immigrant visas
  • Green Card waivers without returning to home country 601a/245i
  • Actions authorized under President Obama
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • U-Visas for crime victims
  • Asylum (Political, LGBT, religious, race, nationality, and any other protected category)
  • Cancellation of removal
  • And more